Beauty Idea #1-Detox


Honestly I love and hate this time of year.  On one hand there is that sense of renewal and hope that you’ll stick to the resolutions you make (and yes we’re all secretly doing it).  On the other hand there’s the certainty that it’s January, and that by mid March you will have forgotten and probably abandoned what you resolved to do.  This time around I’ve decided that I’m doing the achievable. I have a few ideas (I hate calling them resolutions ha) that I’d like to explore this coming year starting with this one.

The Detox:

I’m pretty much coffee’s bitch.  No I’m not giving it up, but I think replacing the three extra cups a day with some detox tea or green tea wouldn’t hurt.  So with this “idea” in mind I’ve gone ahead and bought some loose leaf Organic Detox and Organic Japenese Green Tea from Davids Tea.  I know we are what we eat, but getting a healthy drink on is my step in the right direction.  I mean how hard can it be to drink a cup of tea? Right? Right?

IMG_0367The Organic Detox tea tastes mellow but it leaves you feeling energized. The Japanese Green Tea is strong and potent, but add some honey and it’s delicious.  Your skin will thank you.


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