So it’s been snowing non-stop and winter feels like it’s never going to end ugh..So the last thing we want to see is more fall/winter clothes, right? However when the beauty at the shows is this good it can definitely add a little heat to your day (week/month? I don’t know your life..).  Here are the looks and trends that I found inspiring from New York Fashion Week…

JASON WU:  Purple Reign.  I loved the ethereal wash of intense purple and slick middle parted hair at Jason Wu.  I’m definitely trying this.

Makeup: Diane Kendal   Hair: Odile GilbertDSC_0070.450x675DSC_0317.450x675DSC_0105.450x675


RAG & BONE: The sixties, modernized and pared down in the form of texturized broken up hair, a thin black line in the eye crease and a sheer mauve coloured lip. Perfect.

Makeup: Gucci Westman  Hair: Guido PalauDSC_0676.450x675 DSC_0695.450x675 DSC_0528.450x675


ALEXANDER WANG: At Wang the hair stole the show.  Custom dyed hair extensions were used to give each model a sleek, two-tone ponytail.  The makeup was pretty bare save for natural looking mega brows, and a grey toned eyeshadow.

Makeup: Diane Kendal   Hair: Guido PalauDSC_1986.450x675 DSC_2042.450x675 DSC_2002.450x675 DSC_2134.450x675


ALTUZARRA: Sexy “spookiness” was the vibe at Altuzarra according to makeup artist Tom Pecheux.  Apparently Carine Roitfeld was the inspiration for that burgundy smokey eye, and the ubiquitous Kate Moss for the sexy, texturized rock’n’roll hair.

Makeup: Tom Pecheux  Hair: Paul Hanlon

DSC_2404.450x675 DSC_2530.450x675 DSC_2448.450x675

DEREK LAM: Hair was braided to set in a wave, then center-parted with a couple pieces tied back behind the models’ ears.  It was a nod to the bohemian vibe of the late seventies, but modernized with the intense but minimal makeup.

Hair: Orlando Pita  Makeup: Tom Pecheux

_MIC6482.450x675 _MIC6544.450x675 _MIC6572.450x675

THAKOON: Indigo eyeshadow on the eyes evoked a wintery feel, but was kept youthful by layers of glitter.  The usual chignon was “punked up” a bit by the addition of a micro bang glued to the front of the models’ hair.  The eyes, I love.  The hair? Not so much.

Makeup: Diane Kendall  Hair: Odile Gilbert


DVF: Serious magenta lips made an appearance at Donna Karan.  It was a happy, energetic, powerful look.  Hands and toes were painted to match, and the models’ hair was set and styled (with their own individual lengths in mind) without the use of extensions.

Makeup: James Kaliardos  Hair: Orlando Pita

DSC_3281.450x675 DSC_3498.450x675 DSC_3427.450x675 DSC_3571.450x675

3.1 PHILLIP LIM: The look was “uptown girl with a rock’n’roll edge”.  The uptown bit was the flawless skin, and the rock’n’roll was all in the unusual mocha-cherry hue of that lip.

Makeup: Francelle Daly   Hair: Paul Hanlon

_MIC8158.450x675 _MIC8246.450x675 _MIC8181.450x675

MICHAEL KORS:  On a backdrop of dewy tanned skin, a graphic champagne-pink bleeding into black cat eye and sleek a ponytail, evoked a playful modern young woman on the go.

Makeup: Dick Page  Hair: Orlando Pita

DSC_7770.450x675 DSC_7838.450x675 DSC_7647.450x675

MARC JACOBS:  Citing Joan Jett and Marianne Faithful as references for the cool edgy look at Marc jacobs, makeup god Francois Nars decided to give the models’ eyes a larger than life look by applying white pigment in the inner rims, and tons of black liner topped by black eye paints and shadows.  All from his eponymous line of course.

For the models’ hair Guido Palau decided to “make all of them brunettes”, and so apparently 55 wigs were custom dyed and cut before the show.  Although once on, Palau himself hand-shaped each one with a razor to get exactly the look he wanted, and finished off the look with a volumizing spray to get that “wet, choppy, spiky effect”.

Makeup: Francois Nars  Hair Guido Palau

_MIC4133.450x675 _MIC4266.450x675 _MIC4312.450x675

Photos Via style.com


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