Cropped Beauty

68283d5d013b4c28cad28158359116b9Ever since getting my first cut from my hairdresser aunt at fifteen, I have loooved short hair.  I can’t lie though, up until that point I’d always had long hair and it was a traumatic  experience seeing those first pieces of hair fall before my eyes.  It was the early 90’s, and I think I had visions of Nia long and Winona’s pixie or Halle’s short “Strictly Business” cut dancing in my head.  So off I went in to my aunt’s chair for the transformation to begin.  At first I cried, really cried, thinking I Iooked like the 8th grade boys in my class, but as the week went by I started to feel lighter, more feminin, pretty even.  My neck seemed longer, cheekbones higher and I couldn’t stop running my hand through my newly shorn locks.  I have never looked back.

Of course I’ve had every hairstyle imaginable since then, from long to shaved.  Braided to blond.  Pin straight to all out afro, but whenever I’ve needed that fresh start or that feeling of freedom and sexiness, I always go back to my pixie.  I never really noticed it before but I think that all of my favorite beauty icons have had a short hair.  From the ultimate pixie-ness of Audrey, Jean, Edie and Mia to modern day short haired goddesses like Halle, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer and Rihanna.  Oh and of course, how could I forget Charlize-I mean wasn’t her Oscar look perfection?  They’ve all got that tomboy, yet completely feminine appeal that I’ve come to love.

tumblr_l1q4t4rINZ1qbilh4o1_500_largeAudrey Hepburn is the ultimate pixie in my opinion.  Her hair was the perfect frame for that graceful neck and her doe-like eyes.

85564b6e2427367bca2a2f59bd47fc06Jean Seberg was so modern and ahead of the times.  Stunning.

Mia_Farrow pixie haircutI loved Mia Farrow’s look in Rosemary’s Baby.  So delicate.

28109988ea9e5e2742bd1b80515d0a95Halle Berry’s iconic cut is one for the history books.  Perfect. 

e412b4d8a726efe047fa488dada07395Winona Ryder in that choppy boyish crop.  A modern Audrey.

Nia-Long-Hairstyles-Short-DoNia Long and her dark, shiny cap of hair was my goal back in high school.michelle-williams-short-hair-pixieMichelle Williams should never grow her hair back.  A modern day Mia.  

13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards - ArrivalsGinnifer Goodwin’s undercut punk pixie is gorgeous.

162541809Charlize Theron’s perfection at the Oscars was the freshest thing on the red carpet.


 Rihanna switches it around fast, but I think looks stunning like this.

Photos Via TFS


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