Eye Gloss is the new Lip Gloss

g-valli-mac-shineThe glossy eye has been all over the place for the fall 2013, with a ton of looks punctuated by a high shine eye in a variety of colours. There was bronze at Tom Ford, peach at Marni and Givenchy, and inky black at Donna Karan just to name a few.  Perhaps my favorite though, was the look that took centre stage at Giambatista Valli and Roberto Cavalli.  While other artists perhaps achieved the look with a swipe of MAC LipGlass, makeup artists Val Garland and Lucia Pieroni each used the yet-to-be-released MAC Pro Eye Gloss in Black Sea and Mother of Pearl. It’s got a build-able, glittery shine that gives that lived-in, rock’n’roll, I party so hard I don’t have time to wash off my makeup but I look amazing anyway look.  For those who can’t wait until it launches in September, perhaps the reliably excellent LipGlass or some Vaseline could be a great (and inexpensive) alternative.

At Giambatista Valli

DSC_3601.450x675DSC_3721.450x675 DSC_3749.450x675

At Roberto Cavalli


DSC_0018.450x675What do you think of this trend? Will you try it?

Via Style.com


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