Beyond the Pedicure?

Apparently spring is here (although you wouldn’t know it by the 6 feet of snow outside my window), and with that comes thoughts of the beautiful sandals that we’re all yearning to wear.  I love getting pedicures, what woman doesn’t?  But during the winter I forgo the coloured polish, and just go for a clear topcoat because I’m impatient, can’t sit there watching “Step It Up 2″ over and over (yeah my nail place is great, but the movies suck), AND the polish pretty much always smudges once I step into my Sorels, despite the heavy dose of drying oil and saran wrap they put on to “make sure it doesn’t smudge”.  Yeah right.

So, a few things I’ve learned:

1.  My hands down favorite brand is Essie.  I think its the best polish out there and I’ve tried them all from CoverGirl to Chanel, and everything in between.  Essie is so fluid and the brush is precise so it just goes on perfectly.  It dries quicker and has stunning colours.  That’s not to say I don’t stray, but I always come back to Essie.

3.  I love the OPI and Seche Vite topcoats however.

2.  As much as I love all the original/crazy/cool nail art out there on my hands, I just can’t on my toes.  It’s just too much for me.  I either go for a neutral, a really bright shade, or a bloody burgundy/black.  And absolutely no frosted anything.  It reminds me of her…magda…and I’m scared.

4.  Even though it’s addictive to head to the nail salon, I CAN do a this at home myself.  I mean there’s really no excuse to panic/wait/moan/hide as the polish slowly chips away and grows out, or callouses come back (we’ve all got them).  I’ve got two hands and I’m actually good at it.  I’m just so lazy…

Anyway, as I scrolled through the stunning photos of his Spring 2013 India-inspired couture collection, I noticed that Jean Paul Gaultier did something that I thought could be a bit funny and a tad crazy, but definitely beautiful and interesting.

Hey, why not paint the whole foot!?

Imagine the drying time on that? 

Pics Via and Garance Dore


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