The Undercut is nothing new, and I’ve been in love with variations of the look for years now.  I’ve never considered it for myself, not because I’m afraid to shave my head, (been there, and during an epic Quebec ice storm no less…), but rather I kept thinking about the “After”.  You know, the brutal growing out phase that’s tough enough when you have a “regular” haircut, much less when one side is razored almost to the skin.  Lately I haven’t been really feeling this (too lobotomy chic? too try hard? *shrug) but rather a more elegant option that looks just as badass.  For instance just shaving the back like on the beautiful Freja:


tumblr_lt0jiayxYh1qbdi6ho1_1280Or just a section near the temple like so…shortcut



Both options are equally stunning, so we’ll see what the coming months bring.


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